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Jewish students across the country speak out on campus antisemitism

Campus Antisemitism Report Cart

...73% of Jewish college students feel...they are less safe...

How Foreign Funding...Predicts...Antisemitic Incidents On Campus

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...'It's open season on Jews on our campus'

Let's Finally Tackle Antisemitism On College Campuses

Why America's Richest Universities Are Protecting Hate-Filled Foreign Students

Why Campus Antisemitism Matters

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DEI has failed American Jews

Universities Celegrate the Mass Murder of Jews

Campus Wars: Supporters of Hamas vs Brave Jewish Students

Universities to Jewish Students: You're On Your Own

How to Make the Case for Israel

Why DEI Programs Can't Address Campus Antisemitism

The Lived Experiences of Anti-Semitism Encountered by Jewish Students ...

Hostility Against Jewish Students Ramps Up on Campuses

Campus Diversity is Campus Jew-Hatred

How School Policies Deny Jewish Students Equal Protection from Antisemitism

Students for Justice in Palestine, unmasked

Campus Antisemitism & the Assault on Jewish Identity

Calling for the Death of Jews on Campus

Campus activist call for the murder of Jews

The Mapping Project

Pro-Palestinian Groups Launch a War on Hillil

How SJP's anti-Semitism and harrassment threaten Jewish students

TopTen Jew-Hating Colleges and Universities

Canary Mission SJP Cornell Report pdf

Antimesitism on College Campuses Incentivized at Expense of Jewish Students more

Debunking Anti-Zionist Misinformation Campaigns at US Colleges

Students for Justice in Palestine Assaults Academic Freedom

Anti-Zionist Faculty Fueling Campus Antisemitism, Report Finds Report pdf

Move to Condem Antisemitism Definition t UT Austin Withdrawn...

Duke University finally recognizes Students Supporting Israel

Jew Hatred Rising ebook from David Horowitz Freedom Center

Biden Said to Continue Delay of New Title VI Protections for Jewish College Students More

Fordham U v SJP Hate Group (video of Zoom) ZOA Amicus Brief Myth of Occupation

The Cycle: Hopusew Antisemitism Takes Root on College Campuses

On campus, being pro-Palestinian means being anti-Israel

Inclusion Delusion: The Antisemitism of DEI Staff at Universities More

The Anti-Israel Movement on U.S. Campuses, 2020-2021

Anti-Israel student groups top drivers of anti-Semitism on campus

US Jewish students are not protected - opinion

Editorializing for Hamas IU forms task force to combat rise in antisemitic acts on campus

Why Academic Departments Should Steer Clear of Activism Against Israel

As non-Jewish Zionists, we must speak up for Israel on campus

'Diversity Programs Make It Worse for Jewish Kids on Campus',Kenneth Marcus (podcast)

Amid BDS Push, 'Ethnic Studies' Curricula Spread Anti-Israel Hate Original Article from SPME

Civil-rights group: UMass must act against harassment of 'Zionist' journalist by SJP

Jewish Students Under Attack (Cited Report) Link to pdf is in first paragraph