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Problem of the Week/Word Problems/Research

Columbus State University Math Contest
NCTM Problem of the Week
Mathcounts Problems
Algebra.com Word Problems
Thomas McFarland: Understanding Story Problems
Translating Work Problems: Keywords
Purdue University Problem of the Week (advanced)


Purplemath.com Algebra Modules/Lessons
Mathematics 141 Basic Algebra (U of Wisconsin - Whitewater)
Algegra.com Topics
Math is Fun-Algebra
West Texas A&M University Virtual Math Lab


Learner.org Geometry
Math is Fun-Geometry
Pythagorean Theorem and its many proofs
Discovering the value of Pi
Eratosthenes Experiment
The Golden Ratio
Euclid's Elements

Advanced Algebra (Algebra 2)/Topics

Math is Fun-Algebra 2

    Discrete Mathematics: Series & Patterns

    Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence & Series
    Pascal's Triangle
    Binomial Theorem

    Counting Principles and Probability

    Probability (Math Goodies)
    Permutations & Combinations

    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    Exponential/Logarithmic Functions
    The Number e
    Logarithm Calculator

    Polynomial Functions

    Synthetic Division

    Quadratic Functions

    Quadratic Functions
    SOSmath.com Quadratic Polynomials: Completing the Square
    Purplemath.com Completing the Square
    Algebra.help: Completing the Square Equation Calculator
    History of Mathematics: Parabola Generator
    Dave's Short Course on Complex Numbers
    Purplemath.com: Complex Numbers
    SOSmath.com Quadratic Polynomials: The Quadratic Formula
    Quadratic Equation Solver
    Curve Fitting Calculator

    Matrices and Systems of Equations

    Welcome to IFORS (matricies)
    The Character Animation FAQ
    Matrix/Vector Calculator

    Duplation & Mediation, Binary

    Russian Peasant Multiplication, Binary Numbers


Dave's Short Trig Course
Math is Fun-Trigonometry
Radians and Degrees
Trig Functions and Graphs


Visual Calculus
Math is Fun-Calculus
Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe
Calculus Org
Karl's Calculus Tutor
Web Based Calculus Applications

Number Theory

Prime Numbers
Fibonacci Numbers/Golden Ratio
Phi: The Golden Number (for Da Vinci Code fans)
Perfect Numbers
Pascal's Triangle
Rasco Jovanovic's World of Mathematics
Number Patterns, Curves, & Topology


A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves
Famous Curves Index


Fractal Tutorial
Fractal Project at Boston University
Fractals: An Introductory Lesson

Other Topics

History of Mathematics and Mathematicians Biographies
Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics
Mathematics Glossary


Tower of Hanoi
Locker Problem
Find Counterfeit Coins Using Balance Scale   Explanation of Scale Puzzles
History of Mathematical Puzzles
Solve Equations Using Balance Beam
MazeWorks - Java Games & Puzzles

Applets, Manipulatives, Tools

Woflram Alpha
IES Java Math Applets

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
Socha's Interactive Mathematics Links
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Ron Blond's Java Math Applets
Maths Online

WebQuest Math Projects

Grades 9-12 Grades 6-8 
Grades 3-5

In Search of the Missing Pi

ACT/SAT Prep, Practice Tests

ACT Assessment Sample Questions (Including Math )
Algebra.com SAT/ACT Practice

Geometry Online SAT-type Practice plus Links

Glencoe Math Online Study Tools

California CAHSEE (pdf)  2008 Math Released Items
   2008 Study Guide   Teacher Guide   Blueprint
Test Prep Preview

IL State Bd of Ed Student Assessment - Mathematics
    ISAT Sample Books
Regents Exam Prep Center
NY Regents Exams: Math A, Math B, Seq Math I, Seq Math II, Seq Math III

Math Help/Tutorials

Ask Dr. Math Cliffs Notes Math

Other Links

Khan Academy Video Library
Math is Fun
Beacon Lesson Plan Library
Math League Help Topics

NCTM Illuminations

Jim Reed's Math Page    Grade 7 Math     Grade 8 Math     Grade 9 Math
TopMath - Best Internet Math Sites
Cornell Theory Center Math Links

The National Math Trail (use Internet Explorer)
- Submissions, Topics
King's List of On-line Math Activities

ThinkQuest Library - Math
Education Planet Math Page
S.O.S Mathematics

Ron Sellke's Math Links

Nick's Mathematical Miscellany

Math2.org (formerly Dave's Math Tables)
Math Message Board


Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Math for Morons Like Us

Jim Loy's Mathematics Page

Count On
Maths Timeline
(slow loading)
Mudd Math Fun Facts

Annenberg Learner.org: Learning Math Series
William's Home Page - Math Activities Using Simple Materials
High School Operations Research Modules
Making Mathematics


Maths Online Function PlotterUniversal Currency ConverterUnit Conversion Calculator
Ultimate Collection of Online Calculators
Calculators On-Line


NCTM E-Standards Home Page
California Math Standards (pdf), (Word)
Illinois Math Standards
Chicago Public Schools Math Standards